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Catering Small Events

Cal's Kitchen is a family-owned and operated full catering service in Metro Atlanta. Our food is delicious, is presented creatively and is served by personnel who are both gracious and professional. We work hard to create an event for you that is specific to your needs and desires.  Let us help plan a celebration event for your friends and family when you celebrate special days.


From simple (drop-off catering) to more complex (Buffet or Seated-and-Served) meals, we can provide the level of service you require for your event.  The incredible variety of menu options available allow us to meet the dietary requirements of your guests.  Whether you are planning a corporate luncheon, an elaborate outdoor wedding, Intimate dinner for two or a simple dinner at home for friends, Cal's Kitchen can provide both the food and the service to exceed your expectations.




Meal Prep

Why Hire a Personal Chef

You've worked all day. You're stressed. You're tired. All you want to do is put your feet up for a few minutes and relax. But you've still got to make dinner. You could call for a pizza or takeout for the millionth time. Or, you can call Cal's Kitchen Personal Chef Service.


Dedicated to creating meals that will not only give you your life back but will be fresh, high quality and delicious. Cal's Kitchen Personal Chef Service creates dining experiences just for you!


I will work with you to learn your personal tastes, your likes and dislikes and any special dietary needs. I'll prepare entrées and side dishes based on your preferences, and they'll be waiting for you each night after a hard day of work. Or, if you prefer to have dinner on the table ready for you when you get home, private chef services are also available.


Cal's Kitchen Personal Chef Service provides meal preparation and in-home catering services.


Call Chef Cal if you are:

  • A busy professional or a mom with no time to cook

  • A retiree or senior citizen tired of cooking for just one or two or with special dietary needs

  • On a special diet for health reasons or allergies

  • A new parent with no time to cook for the family

  • Eating out too much or don't like to cook

  • Hosting a dinner party or other special event in your home and are overwhelmed by the thought of it or just want to enjoy the party

  • Interested in learning new skills in the kitchen

  • Planning a romantic date night in with your special someone.

If this sounds like what you've been waiting for, check out the online ordering menu and place your orders by Noon on Fridays for Sunday or Monday Delivery.


Cooking Lessons

Cal's Kitchen has Cooking Classes for all ages, currently we have Cal's Kitchen Kids Cooking Academy. We are versed for all ages, we can take your skillset and soar it to the next level.

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